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Cars we feel are to watch over the next few years. The Gen X, Generation Y & Millennial buyers can relate to these cars. They grew up understanding the performance & technology 

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The BMW M3 CRT (Carbon Racing Technology) was a special edition of the M3 sedan that was produced in 2011.Production was limited to 67 cars, all numbered with a plaque on the dashboard. The CRT was powered by the same 4.4 litre version of the S65 engine as the GTS, however it retained a higher level of luxury features compared to the track-focussed GTS. The CRT used a carbon fibre bonnet and front seats to reduce weight, 

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When the E90/E92 series was introduced for the 2008 model year, BMW decided to shoehorn a naturally aspirated, all-aluminum 4.0-liter V-8 into the chassis, touting 414 hp and an 8,000 rpm redline. Its powertrain, combined with the option to select a manual transmission, cemented the E90/E92 series as an icon for automotive enthusiasts. 2013 was the final model year, BMW offered an eye-catching limited edition, dubbed the Lime Rock Park Edition, which featured Fire Orange paint and the Competition Package.Only 200 M3 Lime Rock Park Editions Built

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The 2013 Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Black Series is relatively rare. 800 units ever built. Under 100 were imported to the US market. It stands as the fourth Black Series model that the German automaker has ever introduced, which has been recently joined by the venerable Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

In 2008 Mercedes Benz started producing the SL65,  limited-edition Black Series is more so now. Just 175 made it to America out of 350 total built, which makes it suitably rare. And its swollen, chiseled styling gives it an exotic DTM-racer aura—not to mention the fact that the body, save the rear fenders and the doors, is all carbon fiber. The 12 cylinder power plant produces 661 HP

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The blue and orange JW Automotive/Gulf Oil livery worn by the cars of the John Wyer racing teams of the 1960s and 1970s is one of the most widely respected and recognized in the world. In 2006, Ford added this special limited-edition paint scheme to the exclusive GT. The “Heritage” Ford GT is one of 343 produced this particular machine finished in a striking Heritage Blue with Epic Orange stripes and white roundels, and displaying the racing number “6” in honor of the last victory at Le Mans for the legendary GT40.

The classic car market is evolving. With new buyers entering the market such as millennials they are seeking a different type of experience.

The classic blue chip designs are still traditionally very strong. Performance and low production is a driving factor. 


The cars mentioned on this page are proven winners and potential new opportunities on the horizon


We can guide you into the correct car for your collection
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