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 Tazio Ottis with Cavallino Magazine photgrapher shooting Ferrari 750Monza

The first event for the new 750 Monza was the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1955. With Phil Hill and Carroll Shelby behind the wheel under race #25, the Monza was initially crowned the overall winner at the end of a hard-fought 12 hours against the Jaguar D-Type of Mike Hawthorn and Phil Walters that was entered by Briggs Cunningham. Both teams argued that their car had crossed the line first. Upon a final review of the lap charts, well after the race, the Jaguar was declared to be the winner. It had crossed the line just 25.4 seconds ahead of Guiberson’s Ferrari, an incredibly slim margin over the course of just 12 hours. However, Hill and Shelby still managed to clinch the Index of Performance trophy.


The Ottis's spent 2 years restoring this car. It was amazing to watch Tazio start and stop this complex engine and transmission with such ease. A testiment to their superior workmanship in rebuilding these components

On the ride back, I could not keep up with Tazio and my mother in the Ferrari 750 Monza. We laughed and staged a drive- by to film them when they drove past me.

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