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1972 Porsche 911 ST Kremer Tribute

This interesting 911 recreation was built by Gib Bosworth whom is known in the Porsche circles. The current owner had services done with Moorespeed in TX. It has been represented that Moorespeed maintained the original 72 Kremer 911 race car. This provided for an opportunity to duplicate many parts using correct materials and proper locations of wiring, oil lines and suspension components. 

History of the builder

Having owned two-dozen 911s, Bosworth is no stranger to this dilemma. In the process, he’s developed a fascination with the 1972 model in all its racing configurations. From 2002 to 2006 he built a silver Martini & Rossi RSR replica based on a 1972 911S tub. It paid homage to the earliest 2.8 Porsche prototypes that had the ’72-only oil door. Next came a Viper Green Kremer ’72 911ST tribute that Bosworth constructed between 2006 and 2011

 Porsche 2.5 Liter​

JB Racing did the engine build. Engine specs are: 2.5L 66 mm crank/90 mm bore, 10.5 CR, GE 60 cams, 38 mm TBs, 38/35 I/E ports, modified MFI space cam, estimated 269 hp @ 7000, 238 lb-ft @ 5000, with 196 lb-ft @ 3500. The computer program estimates 270 hp @ 8000, so a lot of rpm range available with near peak power. The GE 60s have 102 deg lobe centers which provides more mid range torque because of less valve overlap. The MFI pump is sealed from engine oil. Case is 7R with shuffle pins and all updated mods.

911 LS eng.jpeg
RS 911 Eng.jpeg
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