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1951 Porsche Sauter Roadster

In the 50's our Founder Gaston Andrey began selling cars that Max Hoffman imported to the United States. We forged bonds and networks from the outset of the sportscar scene, from selling the and competing in motorsports winning 7 National Championships

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The History of the Sauter Porsche 

After testing the car Ferry Porsche decides to encourage Heinrich Sauter to test the Mantzel wheels in competition.


This particular Porsche is highly documented with complete details on how the car was developed


Commencing in 1951 the car had extensive racing throughout Europe, driven by Heinrich Sauter. He had limited success with the car in competition.


At the end of 1951 the car would return to the Zuffenhausen factory and was maintained as an experimental race car.


In 1952 François Picard began to drive this Porsche. Nicknamed “little tank”. He had six class victories

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The Porsche was exported to the United States

The history of the Sauter Porsche itself fast forwards to 1982


An Indianapolis physician Dr. Ray Knight bought a strange “Porsche/Volkswagen hybrid” from a rural eastern Indiana junkyard. Reportedly the car had been stored outside since 1958 . There are documents include communication between Porsche executives and Dr Ray Knight.


He sold the Porsche to collector. The owner completed the restoration. The Sauter Porsche won an award as the “best open 356” at the Porsche Club of America 2017 Werks Reunion in Monterey California.  

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