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Gaston Andrey Ferrari 500  Mondial 0430MD

In "57" Gaston won his second  National Championship. This would be his first in a Ferrari

Gaston Andrey Ferrari 500 TRC #0706 

In 58 & 59 Gus won back to back national championships driving this Ferrari

Gaston  Andrey Ferrari  335 S #0674

This Ferrari was driven to victory for N.A.R.T in 58 at the Road America 500, the only true victory for the car. The list of previous drivers are the greatest of that era ; Collins, Hawthorn, Von Tripps & Sir Stirling Moss. 

N.A.R.T at Sebring

58 Sebring 0706
59 Sebring 0720
61 Sebring 2015GT
62 Sebring 0746
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