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Gaston Andrey Motorsports Legacy

            Lime Rock Park Years of Celebration

Lime Rock is the legendary home for the road racing and classic sportscar communities. Gaston Andrey was part of the development in this hollowed grounds called Lime Rock Park. The unique intriguing community and culture is part of Roger Andrey's DNA. His professional sportscar career was molded from his racing experience, knowledge and network. These elements combined with his alliances allows Rogér Andrey to navigated successfully within his peers to locate amazing highly sought after Sportscars. 




The Andrey family has tremendous pride in knowing Gaston Andrey, with the request of Briggs Cunningham and John Fitch in 1957 assisted in designing this "fabulous flowing road in a park", never to be referred to as a race track. He drove a MG TC for Jim Vaill, the founder of Lime Rock, to test the flow.  Hence the Andrey roots are deep in the History of Lime Rock. The Fall Vintage Festival #6 featured Gaston Andrey's victorious Birdcage Maserati.




Gaston Andrey 'drove his Ferrari 500 Mondial #0430, Ferrari 500 TRC #0706, Lotus/Alfa Romeo & Alfa Romeo GTA in the Trans Am series had wins or podium finishes at Lime Rock. Lime Rock is one of the three iconic and oldest road racing courses in the United States. Road America and Watkins Glen are the others. Gaston Andrey won major events in the "1958" Road America 500 driving a Ferrari 335S and  "1970" Lime Rock Trans Am with an Alfa Romeo GTA U2.




At Lime Rock in 1986 Rogér Andrey was honored and privileged to race with Giampiero Moretti. Combining food and cars is an Italian way of life. Giampiero was a superb chef, which was not uncommon among Italian racecar drivers. Rogér Andrey's cooking skills were enhanced by the opportunity to cook with this legend. The memories are fabulous as he passed his recipes for pasta and a special Fish Dish as his chef's assistant. Our guests for dinner were Hans Stuck and Jochen Mass.  We may not have finished the race that year, the dinner was incredible. The racing stories from the 50's to the 80's by my father, Giampiero, Hans and Jochen are forever etched in Rogér Andrey's memories. Later, that year in under Rogér Andrey's management of Gaston Andrey Racing with an Alba Ferrari AR6 they won at Road America. That race too had an incredible food experience with Paulo Barilla of the Barilla Pasta fortune. 



















Roger Andrey at age 4 in Lime Rock in a Lotus Alfa Romeo

Gaston Andrey was reunited with his Birdcage Maserati as the Featured Driver at Lime Rock in 1988

Gaston Andrey on his way to victory At the Lime Rock Trans Am race


Roger Andrey, Giampiero Moretti and Gaston Andrey during the IMSA race at Lime Rock

 2023 Vintage Fall Festival Roger Andrey & Francois Sicard with the Alfa Romeo TZ2 Gaston Andrey won the 66 12 Hrs of Sebring driving for AutoDelta

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