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1964 Porsche 904 GTS​

This Porsche 904 is a matching numbers 4 cylinder 4 cam engine. Originally sold by Porsche to a legendary Porsche racing driver. He was the only professional to ever race this car. The second owner received the car is road trim. It was written up in national magazines. it remained in that trim for years.This individual elected to return the 904 back to it’s racing trim. He prepared the 904 for the Le Mans Classic. Ultimately  the 904 never ran the Le Man Classic The current owner purchased from the individual. today he enjoys driving the car.

904 nose.jpeg
Nose RS profile.jpg
904 ls profile.jpeg

The original 4 cylinder 4 cam was removed, 6 cylinder 901 series was installed. The original body was removed, resealed to the chassis. The owner had spare body work made while the body was off.

904 LS interior.jpeg
904 ls steering.jpeg
904 RS Interior.jpeg

The original fuel cell was removed and a FIA compliant fuel cell was installed. All FIA safety features were installed, upgrade wiring systems and fire systems. The original 4 cam engine is in crate.

6 Cylinder Engine cnter.jpg
Fuel System.jpg
4 cylinder 4 cam.jpg
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