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Gaston Andrey Motorsports "Private Treaty Sales" for Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo & Maserati

The private treaty strategy is to price correctly based on condition which attracts attention and generates viewing activity driving successful transactions

Contact us for the private inventory list, our clients rely on the vast network we have developed to market their cars to high quality and qualified collectors.

Our 68 years sales experience has focused on developing relationships. It is paramount to listen to our client's requests to either sell or locate them the correct sportscar. We build honest, authentic and collaborative relationships. 

Our "Exclusive Agreement" lowers transaction costs

Our "Exclusive Agreement" promotes a clear transaction with complete service records, extensive photographs  and concise ownership

Amazingly most transactions are full of fog driving up costs to the client using multiple brokers at the same time

The automotive brokerage business is like the "Figawi" yacht race. from Hyannis MA to Nantucket. Legend has it that during the first race back in 1972, there was a thick fog that blanketed Nantucket Sound. This caused confusion for some of the sailors who were looking for the island of Nantucket (no GPS back then) and in turn began asking each other “where the f**k are we?” Although imagine that sentence in a deep Boston accent and “Where the Figawi?”…or simply “Figawi” was born.

Why Transact in the fog. Set a clear course to acquire your next Classic Sportscar

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