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Public Sales

In 99 Porsche introduced the  911 GT3 is a high performance version of thePorsche 911  

sports car primarily intended for racing. 996 GT3 was focused on racing, and so was devoid of items that added unnecessary weight to the car. The naturally aspirated air cooled engine produced 355 HP with water-cooled cylinder heads. Similar to the 959. Porsche endowed the GT3 with enlarged brakes, a lowered, re-tuned suspension system, lighter-weight wheels and a new front bumper with matched rear spoiler


In February 2006, Porsche revealed the first generation 997 GT3, commonly now known as the 997.1 GT3. The vehicle made use of a modified, track oriented version of Porsche's active PASM suspension making it the first of Porsche's RS or GT3 versions to feature an electronically adjustable suspension system. Also available was a navigation system and Porsche's "sports chrono" gauge package. A total of 917 units were sold in the United States and 46 units in Canada.

Porsche also offered an RS version of the 997 GT3 in North America in spring 2007. For the RS version, the limited edition RS Green and RS Orange colour was mixed specially for this car. 


In 2009, Porsche launched the 2nd Generation 997 GT3 with an enlarged 3.8 litre engine producing 435 hp. New options including dynamic engine mounts and a pneumatically lifting front axle to compensate for the low ground clearance. A total of 65 units were sold in the United States and 58 units in Canada.


In 2010, the second generation 911 GT3 RS with a new 3.8-liter flat-six, bringing total power output up to 450 hp. Of the 997 GT3 RS a total of 541 units sold in the United States and 71 units in Canada.


The 911 GT3 RS 4.0, launched in 2011, was the final evolution of the 997 GT3 and featured a 4.0 litre flat-six engine with 493 HP. Only 600 cars were built, a total of 141 units were sold in the United States and 16 units in Canada. The car was offered in Black, Carrera White, Paint to Sample Non Metallic and Paint to Sample Metallic.


Porsche introduced the 2013  991 GT3 at the Geneva Motor Show. The 991 GT3 features a new 3.8 litre direct fuel injected flat-six engine developing 475 hp.

Porsche launched the RS version of the 911 GT3 at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015 with a new 4.0-litre unit with 500 horsepower and 339 pound-feet offering only the PDK transmission. The body had new front fenders equipped with louvers above the wheels and the rear fenders include Turbo-like intakes, rather than an intake below the rear wing. The roof is made from magnesium. The interior has bucket seats based on the 918, carbon-fibre inserts, lightweight door handles and the Club Sport Package as standard.

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