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Gaston Andrey Motorsports has been buying and selling the classic Ferrari 275 GTB & Ferrari 275 GTS since there debut. Call today for our assistance

Two new Ferraris made their debut at the 1964 Paris Salon: the 275 GTB and the GTS. The chassis were identical, with the now-typical welded steel tubular frame, fully independent suspension with unequal length A-arms front and rear, disc brakes, and tubular shock absorbers. The engines were also identical 3.3-liter V-12s of Colombo origin, but the berlinetta engine produced 280 horsepower while the spyder was rated at 260.

The 275 was intended for either touring or racing, and the customer had the option of either three Weber carburetors (with which the GTB was homologated for competition by the FIA) or six. The body could be steel and aluminum or all-aluminum. Campagnolo alloy wheels were standard, but Borrani wire wheels were an option..

The Series II 275 GTB was shown at the Brussels Show in January 1966, the car had new alloy wheels and the driveshaft was encased in a torque tube. Approximately 250 Series I and about 200 Series II 275 GTBs were built.

The headlight covers no longer had chrome rims, the vent wing was missing from the driver’s window, and a bulge appeared on the front head to cover the carburetors. At the rear, the trunk lid hinges were on the outside of the body to allow more interior space. At the Paris Show a month later, the front of the body had been lengthened and had a smaller air intake.It's easy.

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